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Chronic cough is a common but much misunderstood condition. Many doctors do not know how to diagnose and treat this disabling condition. Based on the latest medical research from leading experts in the field Selfnostics has designed a diagnostic test that has been demonstrated to provide a firm and previously unrecognised diagnosis in the majority of cases.

For just £3.49 you will undergo an interactive diagnostic session, receive a scientifically validated diagnosis and the latest information on the pathogenesis and treatment of this mysterious condition. You will receive a letter specifically targeted to your primary care physician (GP) that refers to the completed questionnaire, the suggested diagnosis of the cause of your chronic cough, and a suggestion of the most suitable treatment for you.

You are not alone! Selfnostics is here to help!

Diagnosing the cause of your Chronic Cough

The problem for a patient with chronic cough is that it may arise from several different parts of the body, not just the chest. Many doctors are unaware of the other causes of cough and so patients are given inappropriate treatment for their chest when in fact the problem lies elsewhere. The Selfnostics questionnaire has been specifically designed to analyse your symptoms to produce an accurate diagnosis of your specific problems and the cause of your cough. The process has been extensively tested in clinic (patients routinely complete the same questionnaire when attending the consultants clinic) and online and has been accepted as the standard within the European guidelines.

If your cough has been present for less than 8 weeks then there are many other causes such as a virus. The diagnostic questionnaire offered on this website is only suitable for patients with a cough of greater than 2 months duration. All guidelines recommend that you must have a chest x-ray before making any other diagnosis such as that which will be given to you by the Selfnostics questionnaire.

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