What is Selfnostics

Selfnostics is a company based in the United Kingdom that is dedicated to bringing professional, accurate and specific online diagnosis systems to the Web. To achieve this goal Selfnostics consults leading clinicians to develop validated interactive questionnaire based diagnostic systems that effectively bring an expert consultation to your home. This provides a novel mechanism for patients to access guide line recommended therapies and to enhance the dialogue between patients and their physicians.

The challenge of making an accurate diagnosis remains one of the most fulfilling roles of physicians and clinical practice guidelines are considered as important tools to guide evidence-based decision making within diagnosis. However, the routine practice of guidelines, many of which can be of hundreds of pages, has been reported to be low. Doctors and patients are becoming more proficient in using the internet with searching for health information at the top of the list of reasons for using the web. Web searches can turn up an array of potential diagnoses for your medical condition, at Selfnostics we believe that a guideline–based web clinic is a safe, ethical and practical way to address patients’ healthcare queries.

The first system to be available is the online chronic cough clinic developed by world renowned cough expert Professor Alyn Morice. Further systems are in development and will include Asthma and reflux diagnostic systems. For more information please contact us.

Online Cough Clinic

The Selfnostics online Chronic Cough Clinic is an interactive self-diagnosis website specifically designed for patients suffering with chronic cough. Using the website actually removes the need for an initial GP visit. Simply go online, answer the questionnaire and wait a few moments for the results. You will receive a suggested diagnosis, a detailed information sheet and a letter from the Cough Clinic to discuss treatment options with your doctor.

Creator of the Cough Clinic, Professor Alyn Morice says, “In a digital era when medical information is at our fingertips, there is a growing trend for people to conduct research via the internet and try and diagnose themselves before seeing the doctor. This process is not always sound, but since this project has been devised by medical experts, it provides a credible approach to online diagnosis.”

Professor Morice has vast experience of the problems patients have trying to get an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for chronic cough symptoms. On average a sufferer will visit their GP 6 to 8 times often with little success or relief. This amounts to a lot of wasted time for the patient and the doctor. Not only is the online clinic a convenient alternative to patients – providing expert advice and immediate results – it also helps to alleviate the pressure on GPs.

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